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publication date: Mar 17, 2016

Delicious Alchemy - A Wonderful Revelation

Delicious Alchemy Gluten Free Bread


I received a wonderful looking box delivered by courier recently that had gluten free mixes and products from the folk at Delicious Alchemy. My daughter, Molly, is fine with gluten. I’m the problem, as I have a mild wheat allergy. When you add in egg and dairy allergies you can imagine that things can be a bit tricky in our house.  I’m a big fan of home-made baking but that’s easier said than done when it comes to gluten free. Sometimes the mix of flours makes me feel like I’m more of chemist than a Mum baking for her family. Naturally, having to figure out how to generate the chemical reaction to get things to rise without egg only adds to that image.

For me, the biggest issue with most store bought gluten free breads is that they rely on eggs to give them lift and air. So, if I want bread I pretty much stick to the German style pumpernickel type of flat breads. Frankly…I didn’t have great hopes for the bread mix. I assumed it would need eggs and that if I used egg replacer the result wouldn’t be good.

But I was wrong, on several counts. It didn’t call for egg. Just a simple process of adding in water and oil and mixing for a few minutes. The dough was a startling white colour and very thick. It was left to rise for 40 minutes and it did a bit. As the package warns that most of the rising comes later I wasn’t unduly worried.

The cooking time is quite long – 90 minutes. Intriguingly, from a cold oven, so no preheating to be thinking about.  Between the rising and cooking time this isn’t something you can just pop in the oven. You will need to plan your bread baking time so you are at home for a couple of hours.

When it came out of the oven it looked nice enough; a golden brown on the outside. The packaging said to leave to cool completely for best results, so I fought my usual desire to have dairy free spread melting on warm bread, and left it on the counter to cool properly.

Delicious Alchemy Gluten Free Bread Out of Oven

Molly likes gluten free products (I sometimes wonder if she has a mild allergy, as I think it’s odd for a child to prefer gluten free pasta….) so there was an undignified tussle over the bread when it was cool.

Finally…a deal was struck and the bread sliced.  I cannot adequately put into words how good I think this bread is. Soft, full of air bubbles and flavour. It was great. Just great. Really nice the next two days as toast dripping with Pure Sunflower margarine and some strawberry jam. 

Delicious Alchemy Gluten Free Bread Sliced

This will now be my ‘go to’ gluten free bread. It costs £2.49 for the mix. Gluten free loaves range from £2.00 for some of the small, own label loaves to £2.90 for some of the larger Genuis loaves. So, like most gluten free products it's not cheap, but it is better (for us) than what we can find on shelf. I genuinely can’t praise it enough – strangely wonderful to have a good white bread that I can eat.  A revelation. Off for another slice of toast now….

Here's the link to their website so you can order yourself!

Delicious Alchemy Gluten Free Bread

Delicious Alchemy



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