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publication date: May 19, 2017


Yumchaa hot chocolate


It’s quite exciting when somewhere new opens up near us. Now to be fair, we always limit our expectations. We’re learnt the hard way not to expect much in terms of baked goods in cafes, maybe one thing to eat – hopefully more than just dried fruit (which is too high in sugar for Molly’s reflux anyway).

But when we saw Yumchaa being fitted out we got excited about 50 different types of tea. Molly loves, absolutely loves, herbal tea so off we tottered to see what it was like confident, that we could, at least have something lovely to drink.



The first thing that strikes is the jars of tea laid out for customers to look at and smell. It’s great – it means you’re not limited to guessing about the flavour from the name. And the range is huge; the problem is you could spend ages sniffing teas struggling to make a decision. So many smell wonderful. They separate the teas into green, white, black and fruit based.  Molly chose Tranquillity (for that end of year exam stress) and I went for Regents Park as the Strawberries and Rose really appealed.

The tea is brewed in a cup/pot combination that’s quite neat and allows you to control the strength of the tea. It does require patience to let the tea brew for a few minutes but the resulting drink is worth the wait.

For us the best part was the baked goods. Usually we can’t eat anything – but at Yumchaa there are Vegan, Gluten Free and even Gluten Free Vegan baking.  I chose the gluten free, vegan coconut and chocolate flap jack and Molly had the vegan chocolate banana bread. Both we great – so nice to have a choice. I found the flapjack a bit sweet for my taste but lovely all the same.

Yumcaa Baked Goods

The second time Molly went she asked about hot chocolate being made with coconut milk. After a careful look at their ingredients on the cocoa it was deemed dairy free so safe for her! This is the first time she’s ever been able to have hot chocolate outside of home. It may sound silly but this was a big deal for her.  The chocolate was rich and lovely. So nice for her to be able to go with friends and have hot chocolate. It’s these things that get you down over time; never being able to have the same as everyone else.

Yumchaa Dairy Free Hot chocolate

So in short? Love love Yumchaa! Oh…and the nice thing? You can buy their tea on line if you want. Here’s the website:

It’s so great to have a place to go that caters for Vegans and Gluten Free.

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