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publication date: Nov 14, 2013

Wasabi **

The sushi is great, lots of choice for the milk free crowd.  As the soups mainly have rice noodles I thought they'd be good for me. We visit often but after logging onto the web site I'm a bit horrified by the amount of products that have gluten (beyond the obvious ones). It kinda explains some stomach issues I've recently as I'd assumed certain items were gluten free - like the rice noodle soups with a list of ingredients of rice noodles, vegetables, seaweed and broth. According to the web site they aren't gluten and wheat free. Same with things like a California roll? It does drive me nuts when gluten shows up in unexpected places. It's so tiring to have to always ask when common sense would say something is safe.

The web site isn't geared up to finding out about allergines easily. Hunt under 'Sushi Nutrition' and you'll find a link to a PDF file that lists main allergies for all the food. No ability to search by allergin. Just a download doc to take a look at.  I will have to be a lot more careful in the future now that I'm gluten free.

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