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publication date: Mar 13, 2015

Vegan Red Nose Day Cupcakes

Vegan Red Nose Day Cupcakes

Ah yes...cake sales rear their ugly heads again. I've refused to enter a competition; just want this to be fun.  So decorated the cupcakes like Snorbit for a bit of a laugh. 

The basic vanilla cupcake recipe is here;

Now for the decorating.


First thing to do is make the buttercream frosting. This is what you use to smooth over the top to make an even surface for the decoration:

1/3 cup non-dairy margarine

3 cups sifted icing sugar

2 tsp vanilla essence

3 tbs non-dairy milk

Cream the margarine in a mixer, add the icing sugar a cup at a time and mix well after each cup. After the first cut add the vanilla and milk. Beat until you're a nice firm icing.

Cut the top off the cupcake if it's risen a bit high; or if you were smart to begin with and have cupcakes that are no higher than the muffin case just smooth butter cream on top. 

Vegan Cupcake


To do this design you need red, black and white royal icing, edible glue, a map to roll onto and 3 cookie cutters - one with wobbly edges and two round ones for the eyes. I used 6 mm for the base,  3 mm for the white of the eyes, and 2 mm for the pupil.


Roll out the red royal icing to 2 mm thick (or so). Cut out the circular shape with a cookie cutter with a wavy edge. Others say to dust the map with icing sugar but I find that it leave a residue. So I just use a sharp knife to lift off the mat and place on cling film.

Snorbit Base

Clean your surface and roll out the white icing and cut 12 eyes; then cut out 12 pupils with a cutter that is a bit smaller. 

Snorbit Eyes

The teeth are a bit fiddly; they are meant to be quite small-mine are probably a bit big but they are 2mm long, 1mm wide. I couldn't figure out how to handle anything smaller. I think piping icing in two sort strips might also be a good idea.

Using edible glue you can now put together your Snorbit. 

Put a dab of edible glue in the middle of the white circle and press the black circle in gently. Put a dab of edible glue on the red circle and add the eye.

Make sure you use a small brush and dab edible glue on the teeth and position carefully beneath the eye.

Lift it off with a palette knife and place on the prepared cupcake. Press down gently to get the Snorbit solidly in the buttercream.


 Snorbit Cupcake


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