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publication date: Aug 29, 2014

Jelly Layers

Vegan Jelly Layers

Molly loves Jelly - and as she's allergic to milk and eggs its one of the few traditional childrens desserts she can safely have. I've jazzed this one up with vegan whipped cream and fruit compot. Peaches and mango feature here...but you could use any combination you like!

This is more a concept than a recipe as we all know how to make Jelly!

Choose your jellies...two or three depending on the size of the bowl or the crowd you are feeding. For this one I did peach and mango.  

The layers are jelly, frozen whipped cream, fruit compote, then jelly again.

Fruit Compot

Take 2 cups of chopped up fruit (I used peaches), boil with 1/4 cup granulated sugar for 15/20 minutes. Add 1 tsp vanilla or other flavouring you like (almond would be nice here if your not nut free).

Put to one side to cool completely.

Vegan Whipped Cream

Take 500ml of coconut cream and put in a large bowl.

Grab your hand mixer and put on high. Beat the cream until it starts to thicken a bit (3-4 minutes). 

Sift in 1/4 icing sugar, 1 tbs cornstarch and 1/2 tsp vanilla.

Beat for another 3 to 4 minutes until you have soft peaks.

Pop in tupperwear and put in the freezer for 30 minutes

Composing your Jelly

Take the first jelly you are making and divide it up into glasses or pour into the bowl you are using. Glass is nice so you can see the layers.

Make your second type of jelly and leave on the counter to cool. Do not refridgerate as you want it to be a liquid for pouring.

When the jelly is set, the fruit cold and the vegan whipped cream a bit more solid you are ready to go.

Spoon some vegan whipped cream onto each jelly and smooth across so you've an even row of whipped cream.

Spoon on some fruit to make a layer. You can stop here  and pop some whipped cream on top and it's lovely. Or you can continue by pouring on the next layer of jelly and popping the glass back in the fridge to set.

Then Enjoy!





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