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publication date: Oct 13, 2014

Vegan Custard

Vegan Custard


I didn't grow up with custard...I think it was just a step too far for my Mom to figure out how to make an egg and milk free custard. Back then there weren't all the great options we have now. So...happily it's a bit easier for me so here it is! Vegan Custard - yummy.

This came about because one of the lovely ladies on Twitter asked if I had a recipe for custard. Well...I didn't, but I do now! I've taken inspiration from the amazing Terry Romero and Isa Moskowitz of Vegan Cupcakes Take Over The World. They often use tofo, which sadly is a no-no for us, so I've created a custard that is soya free as well as milk and egg free.


1 cup Rice Dream (or other non dairy milk)

1 1/2 tsp Agar flakes (or 1tsp of powder if you have that)

4 tsp Corn Flour

320 ml Coconut Cream

1/3 cup Caster Sugar (it must be caster sugar, not granulated)

pinch of salt

1 1/2 tsp Vanilla Paste (or extract if that's what you have - I've fallen in love with vanilla paste as it gives a real depth of flavour. It does, however, give a slighty grainy appearance which you either love or loath).

Yellow food dye


Pour 1/2 cup of the Rice Dream into a pan on a moderate heat

Sprinkle the Agar flakes into the milk and cook while you stir constantly. It takes a good few minutes for the flakes to dissolve so don't rush this bit. Check the mixture on the back of a spoon to make sure it is clear of all lumps before moving on. Grab a whisk if you want to. The mixture should be bubbling away as you stir.

Once the agar has dissolved, whisk in the caster sugar and cook, continuing to stir as you go. Add the cornflower to the remaining milk - whisk so it's fully incorporated and add to the pot slowly, whisking as you go. 

Take it off the heat and whisk in the coconut cream.

Add the vanilla paste and salt and give it a good stir.

It should be a nice, thick custard by now. I now add a bit of yellow food dye to get the right colour - I prefer gels to liquid.

Pop it in a container, covered with cling film and refridgerate. It will set, if you want it runny again then just grab the whisk and give it a few rounds and it will be pouring consistency again.

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