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publication date: Sep 14, 2013

Strada Review - *** Limited Options but Chef very helpful

 It's a popular local restaurant but we've always said Molly can't go because the menu looked so unfriendly for her.  Thankfully it's not just pizza and pasta.

Phase one of the review was to check out the web site.  The menu is there but not a lot of info so I emailed head office about milk and egg allergies. They responded quickly and attached a full list of all menu items with an allergy grid. All the major culprits are listed; milk, egg, mustard, gluten etc etc.  It is,however, quite a lot to wade through and I'd prefer not having to email head office to get the list.

So...the list showed that there were milk derivatives in the dish Molly was keen on - Salmon on a bed of lentils. Sigh.

Here's where things look up. I called the Putney branch and spoke to a very helpful man who was sure that it was an issue with the dressing. He went off and checked with the chef and confirmed that they could happily do the dish milk free and that they would look at adjusting any other dish we might be interested in.

So off we went; had a great board of meats, olives, breads etc to share for a starter and then ordered a combination of main courses. Molly's salmon came without the dressing, the waitress was very attentive about the allergy, and the food was great.

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