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publication date: Dec 16, 2013

Starbucks Review

I admit I don't drink their coffee as I think its a bit bitter and seems a bit watery to me.  Mind you as a Canadian I think a lot of American coffee is too watery so it could be a cultural thing.

So I popped in the other day - hoping to find a nice selection of gluten free items, helpful staff,   something other than sandwiches. Was a bit disappointed to be honest. Lots of sandwiches - not helpful for me. Lots of pastry which I admit looked delicious but again not on my menu.

I asked the staff about the sausage sandwiches - was there any butter on the bread? They did grab a book to look at the ingredients but came back saying that it only listed sweet items. After that that they told me to read  the back of the sandwich (which I always do anyway)...they said they didn't think there was butter on the bread when the opened them up but that's not the sort of reassurance I'm after. 

The Starbucks near us doesn't have much to offer me - looking on their site there are a couple of salads so that's something. The sausage sandwich is, in fact, dairy free which is nice for Molly.

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