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publication date: Jun 28, 2014

School Fair Angst....

It's the school fair tomorrow and there is part of me dreading it....It should be fun - hubby doing Human Fruit Machine, me doing nails (better than doing the coloured hair spray s the cloud of chemicals always sets off my asthma) but as always it's tricky. Why? Because of the food of course. She won't be able to eat any of the cakes or cookies on sale unless I bake them.  I'll even have to quizz the BBQ crowd about ingredients, and usually the Dads are so hot and bothered that someone asking 'Excuse me? Do you know if there's milk protein in those hot dogs', is, well..a bridge too far. They don't know, they don't care, they are just handing out food as fast as they can to the hoards of children who have clearly never been fed before.

The difficult part is feeling like a pest. Of course I have to ask. Of course I have to know. Of course I can take food or eat at home. But some days I just want to say 'sure honey, have whatever you want'. Imagine that...imagine just letting your kid eat what they'd like. The stuff dreams are made of. But no..we are the akward family - we always have to ask because if we don't we can get very sick.

Yet there is worse to come...the candy floss machine has been cancelled. Yes, cancelled. Every year the queue forms, every year the father running the machine ends up covered in candy floss. He looks like a deranged, pink, bespeckled alien. He speaks but can we hear through all the floss that attaches to him? No...just muffled grunts make it past the haze of floss.  He's finally had enough. He's not doing it and nobody...nobody has stepped-forward to take his sticky place. Not even me. Molly can eat candy's hardly 'the breakfast of champions' but on a day when she is trying to be part of things it helps. But no more. FeeI will be baking to the wee hours tonight...need to keep her mind off that candy floss!

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