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publication date: Jul 22, 2015

Nature’s Path – Honey Sunrise

Gluten Free Review

Nature's Path Honey Sunrise

I recently received a parcel from Nature’s Path. Always exciting to get samples of things to review, especially of the gluten free variety. We can’t eat a lot of gluten free baked goods because they have egg. Of course breakfast cereal is one of the items we can happily eat; as long as it’s dairy free too.

When I was contacted the review was meant to be of their new Honey Sunrise cereal. But I was delighted to find a pack of Mesa Sunrise included. This is my absolute favourite breakfast cereal – lovely malted flakes that stay happily crunchy when topped with Koko Milk or Rice Dream.  Sometimes gluten free goods can taste a bit ‘worthy’, but the cereals from Nature’s Path just taste like great breakfast cereals. I’m the one with the wheat allergy and gluten intolerance. It seems Molly is okay with wheat but there are some gluten free products she prefers and Mesa Sunrise is one of them. But I digress…

Onto what I’m supposed to be talking about.  This new cereal is a combination of grains – corn, rice, flax, quinoa, buckwheat, amaranth all bound together with a ‘dollop’ of honey.  It makes for a pleasing bowl of cereal – differing colours and shapes makes it more appealing than a bowl of uniform flakes I feel. The grains work together really well; a combination of balls, flakes and seeds. A nice mix of crunchiness and sweetness from the honey. Now this is a sweet cereal – let’s make no mistake about that. And as such it’s a great treat for kids – particularly when you’ve other people children over for sleepovers and you need avoid grimacing faces in the morning.  This does the trick. The kids we gave it to all loved it and didn’t notice that it wasn’t one of the ‘normal’ breakfast cereals. 

Now for the bad news…it’s flagged as may contain traces of peanuts, tree nuts and soy. Again Molly isn’t allergic to nuts; that’s my particular joy. However I’m not anaphylactic so, for me, I don’t worry about ‘may contain’ flags. If I’m honest, it’s not a risk I would take for my child though.

All in all I think this is another great product from Nature’s Path. They really are trail blazers when it comes to wonderful, gluten free cereals that mean those of us with wheat and/or gluten allergies or celiac disease can enjoy an increasingly wide range of products.

As well as producing great cereals, Nature's Path have stepped in to support Bee Scene - a family friendly survey of wild flowers throughout the UK. Results are uploaded onto a virtual map. Here is the link to the information about it.

Nice to see a company stepping in to help a cause they believe in.




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