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publication date: Jan 22, 2017

Naturelly Jelly Juices

Naturelly Jelly Juice


The great folk from Naturelly kindly sent off sample packs of their jelly juice for us at Allergy Mums to try. Since it’s a kid’s product – Molly was the main taster. Admittedly, at 12, I think she’s probably a bit old in terms of target group so it was interesting to see what she thought. 

First let me explain what Naturelly Jelly Juices are. It is, pretty much what it says on the pack – a mix of juices and jelly to make a filling, but refreshing snack. Easy to pack and keep with you, simple to serve to little ones and older children alike due to the pouch/nozzle packaging.

I can see why it appeals to primary age children and toddlers. It’s got the appeal of juice, and for parents it is more filling than plain juice or juice and biscuits for that moment when starving children escape from school. 

I’m going to quote from the website about the Jelly they use – as it’s not the same a gelatine at all.


Well, first of all we discovered this special gelatine free, wibbly jelly made from Lily Plants called Gellan Gum.  This clever jelly helps fill little tummies up until meal time with it being a natural dietary fibre and by mixing it with fruit juice it helps stop those cravings for sugary snacks. We also made sure we didn’t add any sugar OR sweeteners, OR artificial colours, OR artificial flavours OR artificial preservatives! Being parents ourselves, we only wanted natural ingredients for our little ones. Our juice comes straight from squeezed fruit making Naturelly sweet by nature with nothing naughty.

Plus, the good news is, it’s only 36 kcal and 7g (which is 1.5 teaspoons) of naturally occurring fruit sugars per pouch. Also, as it’s a jelly it means less mess in the back of the car on journeys home from school or dance class. Yay!


This is the bit that interests me; Molly has reflux and so juice normally would make her sick. The high sugar content is a killer for her and she will, quite simply, be ill if she drinks juice. But Naturelly only has 7g of sugar in it (1.5 tsp) per 100g pack. An Innocent smoothie tube has 4g of sugar for a 40g pack. So the Naturelly packs are lower in sugar than the smoothies.

As it’s also is free from gelatine, gluten, wheat, dairy and nuts which ticks a lot of our boxes in terms of dietary needs. Handily it’s an ambient product so can be stored in the cupboard, although I think it’s much nicer chilled. Molly was happy with it not chilled, it went in her school bag for her to have during the day at break time.

Kids in secondary school are in the middle of growth spirts so need a lot of food. The ‘tuck’ shop doesn’t have much that is good for Molly. Sausage sandwiches, chocolate bars, crisps and cookies. Due to her allergies and her reflux there is nothing there that won’t make her ill. So we pack a snack every day for her.  Naturelly packs are now part of her mid morning snack. They are great for her to have as they do fill her up. If she’s not hungry they just stay happily in her school bag until the next day. Her absolute favourite is the Tropical flavour, followed by Summer Fruits. The Apple and Blackcurrant is a distant third but then she’s never like Ribena so it’s not a big surprise.

So…a snack designed for little kids is something that really works for her. Worth bearing in mind for other kids with reflux as it’s a great way to have ‘juice’ without the high sugar content.   

Here is their website if you’d like more information:


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