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publication date: Mar 28, 2015

NM Cakes Review

NM Cakes

We were lucky enough to receive some free samples of flapjacks and chocolates from the wonderful Nina at NM Cakes. We’re always on the lookout for good allergy safe food. Sure, we do a lot of baking ourselves, but it’s great to have things in the house for us to grab as we run out the door.  As Molly has reflux as well as allergies so reduced sugar items are always top of our list to try.

A small package arrived with a choice of flapjacks and a lovely looking little box tied with blue ribbon. Inside the box was a row of perfectly presented chocolate truffles – all free from egg, dairy and nuts so safe for us. Making chocolates is a fiddly and time consuming task. Getting the right look is vital. Personally I’ve never figured out how to get that nice cocoa coating (mine always melts into the chocolates after about 30 minutes). I was really impressed with how these looked.

Taste was top too – rich, creamy and dark. The entire box was gobbled up in no time.

NM Cakes and chocs

Then it was to the flapjacks. Again all free from gluten, egg, dairy and nuts.  Two options – one with no added sugar that was sweetened with fruit and one sweetened with golden syrup.  The labelling was nice and clear so no squinting at tiny print to try and figure out what is in it. Also the ingredients were all pretty recognisable which is always a bonus.

The two flapjacks were quite different in texture. The Allergysafe plain flapjack (with golden syrup) has a more traditional flavour and texture. Very nice indeed and the size was quite large (good for hungry child afterschool). The Wonderjack (no added sugar) is packed with fruit and has a moister consistency. The thing about items with no added sugar is…well…there is no added sugar. So while these are a good option for us; it wasn’t as flavourful as the plain flapjack. The Wonderjack would be a perfect treat for Molly when her reflux is acting up.

NM Cakes Flapjacks

Nina is working with both the Anaphylaxis Campaign and Coeliac UK to raise money to help research and support. Do go and visit her web site and order some of her great products!  She does a wonderful range of custom made gluten, dairy and egg free cakes as well.



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