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publication date: Oct 3, 2014

Gluten Free Pizza at Mascalzone

Mascalzone Gluten Free


After my disasterous Pizza Express experience I decided to try Mascalzone. They have a board outside the restaurant advertising gluten free crust which I've noticed as I've gone by. They have a beautiful open oven in the restaurant which gives a great atmosphere...

But, of course, atmosphere isn't everything. Having said that, I was pleased that the gluten free crust pizza was the same size as 'normal' pizza's and that it was available across the range. Service was friendly and effecient. The pizza was ready to go in 15 minutes.

When I opened the box I was a bit disconcerted about the colour of the pizza - a bit pale around the edges for my liking. Like all their pizza's it's a thin crust so that has to be your thing. Toppings where fine; but not over generous and a bit thin on toppings around the sides. But it's the crust I'm interested in; afterall I can always order more toppings.  

Mascalzone Gluten Free Pizza

The crust was good - crisp with little pockets of air like 'real' dough. It was a bit chewy for my taste but then in my gluten days I always went for a thick crust so that's probably just me. All in all, it was a pretty good experience.

I'd go again, happy in the knowledge that I can eat there and its going to be nice. I suspect that if I hadn't been waiting for take away that the pizza might have been left in longer to go a bit browner around the edges. We'll find out next time I go!

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