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publication date: Apr 17, 2014


Part III – The Final Days of our Holiday


We're nearing the end of our holiday; and here’s what I’m looking forward to:

Sitting down anywhere I want without worrying about coming out in a rash

Eating carbs – there are no carbs at breakfast I can eat. I get rice at lunch and dinner. How I miss my gluten free bread!

Getting rid of this rash on my knees. I have realised that my knees are being rubbed by the table cloth at dinner – hence the rash.

Not having to ask about the ingredients of 4-5 dishes each evening to find out if we can eat them

Not having to say endless ‘thank yous’ just because there is food we can eat. I know it’s an extra effort to feed us (for example rice being delivered for us when the buffet only has potatoes and pastry)

Not having to say ‘no thank you’ to offers of juice for Molly at every meal, as it sets off her reflux

Having to say ‘no’ to ice cream, sweets, and chocolate on behalf of Molly, offered by well meaning people we’ve met.

Having to watch my 9 year old daughter’s face – stoic – as others drink Coke and eat ice cream and she sips water.

Eating out in London can be stressful as we have to check everything. I’ve realised the problem with holidays is that it’s eating out three times a day. We can take nothing for granted. We can’t relax like other people. We have to be on guard. Molly has twice now said that potatoes are making her mouth hurt. We can’t get an answer to ‘how are these cooked, and what spices have you used?’ or not one that seems complete or to make sense. Her mouth hurts – apples do that to me. Oral allergy syndrome I guess. Something else to get checked out when we’re home...

Have I mentioned that I miss being able to make my gluten free bread?





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