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publication date: Jan 2, 2014

Ham in Coca-Cola

When my husband first saw this recipe I was appalled at the idea. Frankly a proper cooked Ham is covered in Mustard, Brown Sugar and Cloves for heavens sake! And roasted...Delia's recipe for this is great. However...for a change I agreed to try this and it is lovely. We got the recipe by googling...I think it's a Nigella's Lawson recipe and therefore to her go the thanks.  For our mustard allergy friends just cover with treacle and brown sugar and forget about the mustard. 

With the left overs we slice it up and freeze it in packets. We therefore have lovely ham to use in pasta sauces, salads, and sandwiches. If eggs didn't make us so sick we'd put it in a quiche too.

Roast Ham


2 kilo's Gammon (mild)

1 peeled onion, cut in two

2 litres Coca-Cola


Handful of cloves

1 tablespoon black treacle

2 teaspoons mustard

2 tablespoons demarara or brown sugar

Make sure your Gammon is room temperature; otherwise add 15 minutes to the cooking time.

Despite what everyone says I find that the gammon needs to be soaked, or de-salted in some way.  Cover it in cold water, bring to the boil, then drain.

Put the Gammon, onion and Cola in a pan. Bring to the boil and simmer with the lid on for 2.5 hours.

While the Gammon is bubbling away preheat the oven to 240º C.

After 2.5 hours take the Ham out of the liquid and let it cool a bit so you can handle it without burning your fingers.

With a sharp knife carefully remove the skin, leaving the white fat. Score the fat in a diamond pattern and put a clove in each diamond.

Carefully spread the treacle over the Ham, pat on the mustard if using and then pat on the sugar. Your hands will be a mess.

Pop it in the oven for 10-15 minutes until the glaze is a bubbling mess of sugar.

If you prefer, you can let the ham cool completely and then put on the glaze. It will take about 30 minutes to glaze instead of 10 tho!  Put it in at 180 C if you are doing it this way.


This is lovely with mash, or creamy (made with soya cream, or Oatly) potatoes.

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