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publication date: Aug 24, 2014

Grilled Sea Bream

Grilled Sea Bream


We love fish. I'm not keen on lots of sauces on my fish. I like it seasoned and grilled. Nice and clean tasting. I went to the fish counter at Waitrose hoping for Sea Bass but they were out. The fish monger suggested we try Sea Bream. So glad we did. Wonderful, firm, white fish that is similar to Sea Bass. I stuffed it with parsely and lemon and marinaded it is a bit of soya sauce, ginger and lemon juice. Served with wild rice and roasted asparagus. Perfect.

I tend to cook whole fish; but if the head/eyes thing does you in then ask for fillets and cook for a few minutes under the grill or get the fishmonger to remove the head.

One of the things I've found with supermarket fish counters is that they don't clean the fish properly. So you do need to wash them and get any 'bits' out of them before starting. And for the love of God get them de-gilled and de-scaled. If they don't de-gill them then grab a pair of scissors and do it yourself. If the gills are in the fish will taste quite revolting when cooked. Don't know why...just is.


Grilled Sea Bream


1/4 soya sauce

1/4 lemon juice

1 tbs fresh grated ginger

1 shallot finely diced

1 bunch flat leaf parsley

1 lemon - sliced

Make sure each fish is cleaned, de-gilled and scaled.

On each side of the fish use a sharp knife and cut two slices down the side so that the marinade can soak into the flesh.

Mix the soya sauce, lemon juice and grated fresh ginger and the diced shallot in a small bowl.

Put the marinade in a shallow bowl wide enough to hold the fish without overlapping and pop the fish in. Turn them over and spoon a bit of marinade into the inside cavity.

Stuff the cavity with parsely and a slice of lemon. 

Cover and leave to marinate for a few hours

When you a ready to cook heat your grill to about 200°C. Place the fish on a wire rack 3 inches from the grill. Grill each side for about 5 minutes until the flesh at along the spine is white (cooked). Use the small tip of a knife to check they are done. After 5 minutes flip them carefully onto the other side. The skin with bubble and go a nice brown colour (unevenly) and the cuts in the fish will open up a bit.

Roast the asparagus in the oven for 10 minutes on a high heat. They need no more than a bit of olive oil and salt and pepper for cooking.

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