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publication date: Nov 14, 2013

Gourmet Burger Kitchen *

It was Conrad's birthday so out we went to Gourmet Burger Kitchen. Pretty straightforward choices here of course - the beef version of Nando's I guess.  Nice to have chicken and veggie options tho and those olives are great. 

The burgers are good, and the staff super helpful over issues like 'no mayo', 'no cheese please' and the fighting at the tables gets a bit ugly over the skinny fries with rosemary but, other than that, a nice place for a family meal.

My gripe? No allergy info that I can see on the website. So I emailed them. They get top marks for response time - 30 minutes later an email popped into my in box. They said to talk to the restaurant re: egg in the burger mixture as some do have egg and some don't. Assured me that they would make to order one without egg and also let me know that the brioche bun has an egg glaze. There are allergen sheets in store which we can take a look at which is good. 

But...and it's a huge but hence the low star rating. They fry the chips in the same fat as the onion rings. Which means that the chips aren't gluten free. Stupidly I ordered chips without thinking. They are usually a safe option. Only after I had a charming gluten gastro reaction did I email head office and ask about gluten and the chips. Again a nice fast answer but really? Chips aren't gluten free? Well...will be avoiding in the future as no chips is just unacceptable. To be fair they do publish a gluten free menu and the chips aren't on it. So I guess I should have asked then! A fine example of why you have to ask endless questions when eating out...sigh.

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