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publication date: Mar 11, 2014

Rice Wraps - A lunchtime favourite


Rice wraps are a bit fiddly in that you dip the hard wrap in water for a few seconds (read the pack) and place on a plate. You then add your ingredients and roll it up. I turn up the ends first so it's a parcel, not a roll. This works better in lunch boxes! If you can have chilli then a chilli dipping sauce is nice, or soya sauce. If you react to those then just have them plain.

We add rice noodles to ours. We soak them in hot water for 5 minutes and drain. You can get at JS or Waitrose however, Asian supermarkets will have a greater range of pack sizes to choose from if you are experimenting.

Just add what you want, for example:

cooked chicken

peeled cucumber



cooked meat

shredded carrots

bean sprouts

peas or endamane

shredded cabbage (raw)

Basically - think of a spring roll but without the frying part! The paper is very thin so handle with care (you can see the ripples of the wrap paper in the open picture below.  It does take a bit of practice.

Rice Paper Rice Noodles
Open Rice Wrap Rice Wrap

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