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publication date: Jan 6, 2014


Five of us arrived for lunch, Molly, myself and my  friends with her two children (one reception aged boy and one of Molly's best friends, Isabella).  We'd taken a look at the menu earlier in the day to make sure that there was something Molly could, and would want to, eat. BBQ ribs it was! With the request to check out the Coconut Shrimp.

So in we went...asked for the allergy advice menu.  First off it was in a plastic folder with sheets every which way. That sounds like not a problem but was very irritating to have to constantly flip it around.

Anyway....BBQ ribs apparently have eggs! Now we know that's kinda daft so asked if it was marked as eggs due to the coleslaw. Staff (several of them by this stage) weren't really sure but figured it was a good bet.  I find this unbelievably irriating. Why can't the allergy information be by item so we can know for sure that something is safe to eat. Obviously I know that coleslaw has egg...but it should be listed seperately to avoid this sort of issue. Done this way, and if we hadn't worked it out ourselves, we would have left as there was NOTHING apart from salads safe to eat.

Oh...and my pet gripes! Chips done in the same fryer and onion rings so not gluten free.

Having said all that...the ribs were great! Isabella's burger looked good, Helen's croque monsieur was fab and everyone else enjoyed the chips. Sadly the menu said that the coconut shrimp had egg...but now I'm wondering if that was the coleslaw...hmmmm.



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