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publication date: Oct 2, 2017

Foodilic Putney Review



We saw the signs for Foodilic in the high street a while ago and it looked promising. However, we’ve been fooled before by signs announcing Vegan food only to find it limited to a few salads, so we didn’t get our hopes up.  Week one, we visited because I saw in the window something I couldn’t believe.

Yes…a Vegan Croissant. This is Molly’s big issue. No pastries when she’s out and about with friends. She doesn’t care so much about ice cream as there are so many good alternatives that we can buy. But the only time she can have a pastry is when (thank you Jus-Rol) we make them at home. So when I saw this in the window I knew I needed to bring her along.

No point in waiting for the weekend, we popped in after school for what I thought would be a quick snack and cup of green tea. However, we were faced with an array of food to choose from. Not just the croissant, but six (yes six) raw vegan cakes, plus at least four salads she could eat.  We were a bit dumbfounded by the choices. Not a normal issue for us.  There was hot food too, but I have to admit it didn’t look as appetising as the salads (trays, heat lamps etc.).

So…we went for a selection:

2 croissants (I couldn’t steal any of Molly’s and of course I need to try it to review it).

1 slice raw carrot cake Foodilic Raw Vegan Cake

1 small portion of sweet potato and tofu saladFoodilic Salad

Straight up let me say that I’m not keen on the idea of raw cake. It just seems wrong to me. Having looked into the concept a bit I can see that most recipes are heavy on the nuts. Which doesn’t work for me at all. Luckily, Molly isn’t nut allergic so it’s all okay for her.


First off to the croissant.

They certainly delivered on the pastry ‘feel’ and I would definitely, definitely order them again. They were good, not as flaky as I might like, but that’s tricky without butter I think. The taste was good, and Molly announce they were delicious (this is a word that got used a lot on our visit!).

She then dove into her sweet potato salad. Now I think it might be tricky to make cold sweet potatoes appealing. I like them hot, roasted out of the oven. But these were beautifully done, with a bit of tofu crumbed over the top.  A generous sized small portion was devoured.

Following a croissant and a salad diving into a piece of cake seemed a big ask but Molly was up to the challenge!. Molly was initially flummoxed by having so much to choose from….chocolate, mango, carrot, etc.  She opted for the carrot cake and wasn’t disappointed. It was packed full of…well…carrot and nuts but she couldn’t finish it so it came home in a take away box to be eaten the next day.  I can only take her word for it, but it was, I’m told, wonderful.

Upstairs is nicely laid out, with helpful staff. The selection of salads looks great, and we will definitely go there for a full lunch sometime soon. My one issue is that the downstairs still seems to be a bit disorganised with boxes, and various odd bits on display so area felt a bit like a store room. Once they tidy it up it will be great.

Here's their website if you want to take a look!

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