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publication date: Oct 27, 2014

Egg Free Meringue

Egg Free Meringue

I realise that 'egg free meringue' sounds absurd. Meringues are, of course, whipped egg white. But they are possible, with help from the wonderful makers of 'Organ' Gluten Free 'No Egg' egg replacer. The meringues are amazing - next time I'm going to experiment with chocolate and strawberries!

This isn't anything other than me repeating the recipe on the back of the Organ box. My hope is that other 'egg free' folk will learn that meringues are possible.  Molly and Conrad grabbed a couple of sunday glasses, layered meringue and blackberries with a bit of dairy free cream. Next time I'll whip some coconut cream up for the full effect! Spun sugar would be lovely on top.


90g Organ No Egg

1/2 tsp Pectin

250ml cold water

5ml vanilla

125g sifted icing sugar (they don't say to sift - but really you must!)

1 tbs soft brown sugar



Preheat oven to 130°C, 250°C

Line two baking sheets with parchment.

In a small bowl bix the Pectin in the the Orgran Egg Replacer

Put the cold water in a large bowl, add the Egg Replacer and mix on high for 5 minutes.

Combine the sifted icing sugar, brown sugar and vanilla.

After the first 5 minutes of mixing, add the icing sugar mixture one tablespoon at a time. Mix on high for a further 5 minutes (so mixing on high for a total of 10 minutes). You will get a fluffy, white mixture that pipes beautifully.

Piped Egg Free Meringue

The mixture needs to be used right away as it does start to get a bit soft quickly. 

Pipe or drop the meringue using a spoon onto the lined baking sheets and pop into the oven.

Now leave them for 2 hours. After 2 hours turn off the heat and leave them for another 2 hours. Don't open the door. After 4 hours you have great meringues.

Here is the link for coconut cream 'whipped cream' which would be great with these and fruit.


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