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publication date: Jan 31, 2017

The Coconut Collaborative - Review

The Coconut Collaborative

little choc pots

I was wandering around the supermarket recently looking for inspiration for a quick dessert for Molly. So that means dairy and egg free. I hadn't baked that week so was feeling a bit desperate until I found these! Little pots of chocolate - made with coconut cream and nothing we can't eat.

They had to come home for a try...

As anyone with a child who can't eat dairy will tell you, store bought puddings are a nightmare. Our kids can't have all the 'normal' stuff people fling in their shopping baskets like yoghurts or puddings. So we do tend to bake.

Recently life has been getting a lot better because coconut has been making a big impact in the dessert aisle and we now can have yoghurts like the rest of the world. Yea us!

But puddings are new...and potentially exciting. The problem is that I've been tricked before. I've tried all manner of puddings from health food shops that were supposed to be wonderful. You won't see them on my website because, well, they weren't. So many are soya based which does us in and the ones that aren't we just weird and gelatinous. So, first things first.  Lifted from The Coconut Collaborative website is the description and the ingredients: 


Delicious dark chocolate, combined with coconut cream, are what create these heavenly little pots of chocolate ganache. Rejoice!

Nutritional Information per 100g


Coconut Cream (35%), Water, Dark Chocolate (18%) (Cocoa Mass (49%), Sugar, Emulsifier: Soya Lecithin, Natural Vanilla Flavouring), Sugar, Natural Stabiliser (Tapioca Starch, Mono- & Diglycerides of Fatty Acids, Carrageenan, Guar Gum), Fat Reduced Cocoa Powder, Salt.


Now the product name says little…and they are. Bluntly I was a bit disappointed in the size as it looked a little too…well…little for my taste. But I brushed my concerns to one side and took a peek.

Little Choc Pots

It looks like rich chocolate, rather moose like in consistency.

It really was delicious. And so rich that it’s about the right size (I have to grumpily admit). 

These are amazing…Molly was over the moon. I’m delighted to be able to grab something from the supermarket rather than making everything from scratch. She’s delighted to be able to have a really wonderful chocolate dessert.




Full marks go to The Coconut Collaborative for a great product. If you want, do visit their website here: The Coconut Collaborative.

The face that says...please stop...I just want to eat

 The face that says...please stop...I just want to eat!

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