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publication date: Sep 11, 2013

Bill's Putney Review  **** Top Attitude to Allergies, but menu choices are a bit limited.

The atmosphere is fun, the staff helpful, the layout allows for some privacy and they sell a great range of products to take home, so all in all a good start.

I'm now on a milk, egg and gluten free diet, so I tend to scan menu's for what I can eat first, then choose from that. I find it's a much better approach then reading descriptions of things I can't have. I assume anything with crumb (even if it's polenta) will have been dipped in egg or milk, so that's a no go. Anything battered is off the menu too, so a lot of 'standard' fare in restaurants is not suitable.

Unusually, for a restaurant that is part of a chain, they have gluten free bread available.  It's part of their breakfast offering, but nobody batted an eyelide when I asked it to be substituted during the evening.  My husband has had the fishcakes and declared them wonderful...and that the burgers are good too. I opted for egg free Chicken Ceasar and it was nice but a bit on the 'tasty' side of could have been bigger.  The choices for milk/egg free are a bit limited - salad, steak, chargrilled tuna, but the food is good and the staff helpful.

Puddings are usually a no go area for us in restaurants, so Bill's gets a big thumbs up for having Vegan Sorbet. This means I can take my daughter without worrying about the sad eyes looking at me when she realises there's nothing on the pudding list she can eat! 

Their website is very helpful. The menu is coded as follows:

GF - Gluten Free

V - Vegetarian

VE - Vegan

DF - Dairy Free

N - Nuts

Log on and make sure there's enough to choose from before going!

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