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publication date: Sep 9, 2013

When I can't eat...

What can I eat...


We've issues with Soya in our house so tend to avoid the soya substitutes. That doesn't mean that they aren't good; but just that they give me a if soya is off the menu along with milk here is what we recommend:

'Milk' - Rice Dream (lots of flavours now) or Oatly (made from oates so it's a slightly brown colour which may be off putting for some).

'Cream' - Oately cream wins hands down in our house. I wouldn't pour it over a piece of cake mind...but it works beautifully in pasta sauces.

Cheese - We can't use any of the soya cheeses on the market (look in your local Holland and Barrett for a good supply if Soya is your thing). We can tolerate Lacto Free Cheese, Goats Cheddar for cooking.  For a replacement for parmazane we go for 'Life Free From' Diary free Parmazano. It's dairy, lactose, gluten free.

Egg Replacers

In the main I just use vegan recipes for baking - there are so many now that there really is no point in messing around with adjusting biscuit and cake recipes. Adjusted recipes are never as nice as ones created with the aim of working without dairy or eggs.

Having said that...sometimes an egg replacer is needed and we use Orgran Gluten Free 'No Egg'. It's even yeast free and is good when making batters for coating and deep fat frying. I've used it for Yorkshire Puddings but it doesn't get the rise even when I add in baking powder!.

Wheat Free

There are a lot of wheat free pasta's out there. Rice noodles (easy to overcook and become a soggy mess), spelt (a bit too worthy for my taste) but by far the best is Sainsbury's Freefrom Range. Their fusilli and spaghetti is a mix of corn and rice and is just great. I serve it to my daughters friends and its eaten up without them noticing it's not 'normal' pasta. The trick is to follow the cooking instructions quite lid when you boil it...7 to 8 minutes only. Stand over it, and test it. Wheat pasta is a more forgiving beast and can stand an extra few minutes (it's just not al dente)...overcooked gluten free pasta is an a glumpy nightmare!

If you're okay with eggs, then the Sainsbury's wheat free rolls are good. By far the star of the gluten free bread aisle is the Genuis range. The brown and white breads come sliced and have the texture of 'normal' sliced bread so it's perfect for kids lunch time sandwiches. Be careful when toasting it though - it burns very easily.

if you're not okay with eggs then stick to the German breads in the speciality ailse.  It what I'm stuck with at the moment and I'll update if I find anything gluten, and egg free that's 'breadlike'.

Wheat Free Wraps

Wraps are popular in lunch boxes these days and if you've a gluten allergy then go for Vietnamese Rice Paper instead. Available in large supermarkets and local Thai supermarkets you can use these to make wraps for lunches. Anything can go in...chicken, cucumber, ham, lettuce, beef, beansprouts etc. You have to get the hang of dipping them in warm water for 5 seconds then placing them on a plate and adding in the your filling but once you do it a few times it's simple.


Good morning....sometime Corn Flakes just don't cut it. Nature's Path  does a nice range of Gluten Free cereals that are available at Waitrose and Holland and Barrett. I like the Mesa Sunrise. Dark, malty flakes that are great with berries on top.


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