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publication date: Mar 10, 2015

Top Chefs Complaining About 14 Allergens

The Poor Lambs…

Well, well, well, so called ‘top chefs’ are campaigning against having to notify their customers if one of 14 allergens is in the food they serve. It really does boggle the mind that they are claiming this ‘will reduce the spontaneity, creativity and innovation’, not to mention being, as Ms Leith says a ‘bureaucratic nightmare’.

Now call me naïve but how does knowing what you are cooking inhibit spontaneity and creativity? Are they blindfolding themselves and chucking in ingredients without knowing what they are? No, of course not.

This simply shows us again about how little actual fresh cooking is going on in our restaurants. They are buying sauces and spices and all manner of ingredients without knowing what’s in them. Having to find out, having to take some responsibility for what’s in the food, is all too much for them.

Their convenience is more important than anything else to them, except perhaps their profit margins’ which are boosted by using pre-prepared ingredients.

It’s a shame, and an embarrassment that professionals are so lazy that telling us what’s in the food we eat is too tiresome and time consuming for them.  The simple truth is this – the days of risking other peoples’ lives so restaurants can buy cheap ingredients without knowing what’s in them is over.



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